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If you want the best, it's gotta be Motorola. They are truly
"Deep In The Heart Of The State Of The Art"

If you want to make the most out of your Motorola equipment, follow the link you like the most!!

NOTE: Most of the information in here has come from service manuals which you can order directly from Motorola (1-800-422-4210) for a reasonable price (usually).

We are fed up with people on the "net" trying to rip others off by charging outrageous prices (Motorola included) for stuff you can build for a few dollars.

The 2-way programming cable schematics will let you program the radio in question, if you need to align the radio via RSS, you will have to buy the real thing.

We have built the RLN4008B RIB and the Universal Programming Interface on perfboard without any problems. The schematics contained in here are the real thing and not some knock off that just happens to work, this is what is really inside those boxes, use the right hardware and it is 100% compatible with the store bought version. Some parts have been substituted where possible because of their availability.

This information is to help out all the people who want to be able to program their equipment, but can't afford to pay Motorola's prices.

This information is FREE and must be kept that way. This information CAN NOT be used for personal gain (you can distribute it freely amongst your friends, but you can't charge ANY money for it). I and my friends have invested HUNDREDS of hours of personal time and some money in order to procure this information. If you have some info that isn't here or something you would like to see here, any help is appreciated, just email us and we'll see what we can do.

One thing we don't want is people asking for RSS and other software. I will not distribute copies of software to anyone who asks for it (you really don't want to see Motorola's software licensing agreement, it's many pages long and very scary).

We do not sell anything. Don't ask us for a quote to supply you with equipment, or for a catalog, go to http://www.motorola.com to find your local dealer.

Whew, what a mouth full. With all that out of the way...... go nuts!

NOTE: We only have information on Motorola Radios, NO Vertex, Kenwood, Standard, GE, etc. It is hard enough keeping tabs on and collecting info on them, let alone any other manufacturer. WE HAVE NO LINKS TO SITES LIKE THIS FOR OTHER MANUFACTURERS, you'll have to find them on your own, sorry.

2-Way Stuff

Paging Stuff


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