Utilities and Other Resources

Flashkey Decoder (local copy)

Flashkey Decoder (interactive)

Trunked Radio Information

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Alternate to MoSlo

Get Hex Workshop HERE!

File Utilities

Manufacture Date By Serial Number

Someone to program your Motorola PROM's

Motorola RSS Part Number/Version List (06/02/04 - Local Copy)

Motorola Standard Private Line (PL) Frequencies

Motorola Quick Call II Encoding

Motorola Trunking Channel Conversion Chart

Used Motorola Manuals

Online Motorola User Manuals

Motorola Upgrade Estimate Form (Excel)

Tips for Using a Trunking Radio as a Scanner

Create Your Own System Key

Excel Compiled Model Breakdown Chart

Excel RSS Update/Revision Grid (from Motorola)

Global Stolen Radio Database

Some Motorola Technical Information Bulletins