Before You Email Us...

First and foremost, we are not trying to discourage people from emailing legitimate questions. We are just trying to cut down on some of the junk that keeps filling the In Box and save both of us some time and bandwidth.

Second, many questions can be answered if eveyone reads the introductory page. If you still ask a question that is already answered there, don't be surprised if you don't get an answer (remember the saving bandwidth part :)).

Generally all new information comes from stuff posted in the WANTED LIST. So, if you are looking for something particular, and we don't have it on "The List" already, then we probably don't have that information. However, we would be more than willing to add your request to "The List" in the next update. The exception to this is if your question pertains to a model of radio we already support. In those cases we may be able to help you out. You can also try posting a question to the discussion board and see if someone has your answer.

RSS, a.k.a Radio Service Software. In the event that you did not read the introductory page, it will be restated here. We will not distribute copies of RSS. RSS is a licensed product, covered by a multi-paged licensing agreement from Motorola. Said license does not permit the distribution of copies of their product, and they have almost more money than God when it comes to taking your ass to court to prove their point. The last thing that we are sure that anyone would want is for Ma M to have any excuse to shut us down. We don't know of any web pages or ftp sites that you can download software from. Motorola is more than willing to sell you the software if you sign the licensing agreement, call them up, 1-800-422-4210 and they will instruct you on what hoops you need to jump through. Be advised that each package of RSS currently runs about $350US and only programs specific radios, there is no one else that makes software to program Motorola radios, yet.

Hex editing utilities and other programs like TK, 2to6.exe, etc. We exclusively use Hex Workshop for all our hex editing, it is simply the best. We have tried to make the procedures as clear as possible on what you need to change. Hex editing should really not be attempted by those without experience in the hex and decimal languages as well as addressing conventions. By all means, if you want to try, go for it, just make sure you back everything up before you start, so you can restore things if you screw up. If you can't figure out what to do, keep trying and play around a bit, you'll probably get it eventually.

As for the other programs, we don't have a source for them and will not distribute them. You are on your own when it comes to trying to find them. You might want to try posting to some of the* newsgroups available from your local news server or on the web via Google Groups.

For sale and wanted to buy items. We don't have any equipment to sell, we suggest checking out the* newsgroups as stated above, or the discussion forums.

If you are looking for service manuals or parts, call up Motorola (1-800-422-4210 in North America), they are generally very helpful in locating and the parts if they are still in stock and selling them to you.

Lastly, contributions. We are always open to contributions, without contributions from countless people over the years (you know who you are), we would be just another site on the internet. It is with your support that we have become THE Motorola site out there, NO exceptions. For this we say, THANK YOU!

If you have something that you would like to contribute to the cause, send it our way! If you can email the info, or scan and attach it to an email, use the link below.

Please remember, this is only a hobby, and, even though we'd like to devote more time to it, sometimes it just doesn't work that way. :(

Please send contributions to .