If you can help out with any of the following info, email us with a description or attach a gif. We'll post it in the next update so we can help everyone out.

"FTR" Keys

If anyone has information on what is inside these parallel port keys, PLEASE, let us know. We know how they work... just want to know if it is possible to replicate one.


We'd like to find a way of getting the silly radio to do something other than 12.5khz steps on 800 MHz (5 or 2.5 khz would be nice :) )

Also looking for a way to change the tune-up frequencies that pertain to the service portion of the RSS. Specifically the frequencies used in the low band (42-50 MHz) models.


RSS modification to disable encryption in the codeplug.

Also looking for someone who has been successful in blanking a GM300 logic board and getting it to reinitialize with GM300 RSS


The pinout for the Keyloader to Low Power Spectra cable.

What the model definitions bits are that reside in the command board and the exact location.

Anyone have any information on how to connect an Astro Spectra to a 3151 Tone Remote Adapter (TRA), as well as info on how to hook up the TRA to power?

What is the difference between the 5197014A10 & 5197014A11 MLM boards (other than part number and price).

Anyone have information on the dual radio option using S9000 heads? What's required?

Is it possible to convert a Metro-com Spectra back into a normal conventional one? How?

Minitor Pagers

Looking for info on how to convert any of these units to carrier squelch.

Does anyone have the pinout of the 5 pin DIN accessory connector on the amplifier base (NYN8348A)?

If someone has tuning instructions for these pagers, that would be appreciated.


Looking for information on using a Syntor X9000 head with a Maratrac. Someone in the Texas Highway Patrol uses this setup (you have to program the head with X9000 RSS and the Maratrac with Maratrac RSS). Supposedly it involves adding an interface board to the X9000 head. Anyone know the specifics?

We are also looking for schematics for the installation diagrams of the various Maratrac models, something similar to the ones for the Spectra.

MTSX Series

Anyone know how to edit any of the newer versions of RSS (>6.00) to enable Lab Tools?


Motorola DARCOM 9000 900MHz data radio, any info on out of band to get the PROM programmed into the Ham band?


Is there any difference in the pinouts between the version A SVA and the version B SVA?


We need a different out of band modification, the one we have doesn't seem to work, other than change what the RSS says the limits are


Any way to get more than 8ch into the scan list for a 99ch radio.

Does anyone have a model breakdown chart for these radios?


Looking for a schematic of the MIB, the service manual 68-P80900Z57-0 doesn't have the schematic in it as far as we know.

GP300 Select-5

Looking for datafile (codeplug) format details. Have someone who'd like to extend S5 sequence length up to 32 tones if possible.

Another problem is to decrease the tone length (about 5 ms).


Where in the codeplug are the values for squelch, mic gain, and PL deviation stored?


Also looking for info on using one control head with 2 drawers (UHF and VHF). We have some of the info, just need some schematics. If anyone has an image of the SP04 firmware for this option, please let us know.

We are also looking for an image of the firmware from a radio with INTERNAL Advanced Securenet. This would either be from one of the field upgrade kits or from a factory unit with the option. Note this is not the same as a radio with an external security housing.

Looking for info on using an "A3" control group on a low band radio (mod # T71kej7j04ak)

Looking for information if anybody has been able to take the ver8.0 syntor X9000, not the E, out of band, have someone who is trying to put 460MHz channels in a 470-482 radio, or 470 channels in a 450-470 radio (within the confines of the vco).


What is the difference between the RIB to Visar cable is listed as 3080371E46 for a conventional and 3080371E52 for a Privacy Plus models?


Looking for the pin in/out configuration for the installation cable between the MRTI 2000 and the MSF 5000 digital repeater. Motorola part number CDN6017.

Looking for programming algorithms and information for the EPROM versions (non RSS programmable ones)

Can someone explain if there is indeed a firmware/RSS bug with the CXB stations and setting one of the I/O pins for PL squelch detect, and a work-around for it


Heard a rumour that there is a jumper somewhere (JU100?) the convert the radio into a conventional radio rather than trunked. Any truth to this?


Looking or info on the protocol used by the accessory connector for remote interfacing.


Looking for the pinout of the programming cable (if applicable) as well as the pinout of the accessory connector.


Looking for the pinouts of a HMN1001B Traxar mic to convert it for use with a MCX1000.

Need the pinout for the programming cable for the hand-held control head radios (see the picture in the Gallery).


Looking for modifications to move a 250W base (B94MDB model series)from 450-470 into the ham band without blowing up the doubler/tripler sections

Pro Series Radios

Still looking for out of band info. There seems to be a few versions of RSS depending on the origin of the radio (Latin America, Europe, or North America).

We are also looking for the pinout of the accessory connector for the PRO3100.

Anyone have a list of the error codes for any of these radios? RSS and otherwise.

Flashport Radios

If anyone has a used flash upgrade key that they are willing to part with (as we understand it, once it is used, it is no good anymore), we'd like to get our hands on it for some reverse engineering. See our contact information for how to get it to us.

H1011A Paging encoder

Looking for connector pinouts for the connectors on the unit.


Does anyone know how to disable the encryption of the saved codeplug files?

MC-Micro UHF

Looking for a modification to make these radios 9600 baud packet capable.


Anyone have out of band modifications for these radios? The email address we had to someone who did is toast.


Looking for out of band info.

Iden Handhelds

We are looking for the pinout of the programming cable for these radios, as well as the pinouts of the accessory connector.

MDT7100 Data Terminal

Chuck is in dire need of a service manual and PROM's for this unit. Can anyone help him (and cc us too)?

MDT9031 Data Terminal

We are looking for the pinout for the connector on the unit. We are also wondering what type of radio that works with this MDT.


Can someone verify our out of band information on the HT50 page? We have heard that it may not be correct. If you know of another procedure, please advise us.


Does anyone have a model breakdown chart for these radios?


Does anyone have the pinout of the keyloader port on these radios, as well as the part number for the KVL to radio cable and its pinout?


Does anyone have a model breakdown chart for the STX radios?


We need the pinout of the 3008566C12 test cable that connects to the accessory connector on the radio.


Looking for the pinout of the 25 pin accessory connector.

Anyone have any out of band hacks to get one of the high band VHF units to work in the ham band?


Looking for the programming cable information.


We are looking for information on generating the PL Prom or the Scan options data to program these radios with (address location/code info).

Radius RPB50 Base Station

Looking for information on this unit, such as how to program it, cables required, pinouts of connectors.


Can someone tell us what changes were made to the RIB for this special model?


Looking for the pinout of a XTS3000 to SIB (secure interface box). The SIB goes between the radio and the military crypto device (KYK-13, etc).

What cable(s) do the XTS2500/XTS5000 and ASTRO PLUS use for programming? Same as the MTSX radios? Is there a cable that still uses a RIB?

Anyone have complete schematics for the XTS2500/XTS5000 flash serial/programming cable (RKN4106) and the USB non-flash cable (RKN4105)? Or the Astro Plus flash cable (HKN6155).


Looking for information on the modifications and connections required for connecting this repeater to an external repeater controller.


Looking for any information on these radios, what programming cable they use, accessory connector pinout, etc.


Looking for information on interfacing a PAC-RT with a MCS2000 Model II, Smartzone Trunking Radio.

Elite Dispatch Console

Looking for the tables for the tone programming.

Micor PURC Transmitter

Information on programming the PROM in a Micor PURC paging transmitter.


Looking for any information on this radio, what programming cable it uses, accessory connector pinout, etc.


Which programming cable do these radios use?

MCX1000 Railroad

Looking for the pinouts for the connectors on these radios.

Keynote Pager

Does anyone have a schematic of the interface that is built into the programming base for these pagers?


What does it use for a programming cable and RSS?

Is this the same as the HTX III?

Is there some way to revive a radio that's been programmed with the wrong software?


Does anyone have the pinout of the service cable for these radios? Should be the same as the MCS2000.


Looking for the programming cable for this radio.


Looking for any information.

Astro Saber

Does anyone have a schematic for the NTN5664 HiRose Surveillance Adapter? This is supposed to be the speaker-mike adapter with keyload capability. At least the pinout of the HiRose connector would help.