March 30, 2004

-Updated the link for the flash key decoder.

March 28, 2004

-Added the pinout of the cable between the Command Board and the accessory connector/PA in the Spectra.

March 23, 2004

-Added an updated schematic from Monty for the CP150/CP200 programming cable.

March 5, 2004

-Added the pinouts of most of the connectors on the backplane of the MTR2000.

-Added some notes on the RIB page about the VERTEX conversion circuits.

February 22, 2004

-Added schematic with the mods to inject audio into a Maxtrac/Radius during testing. Thanks Monty!

-Added some programming/RSS hints/hacks to the Minitor page.

February 21, 2004

-Updated the STX to RIB cable pinout to make it a bit easier to read. Thanks Monty!

-Added the part number for the Saber 1E front assembly.

-Added a link to the Utilities page to some Motorola Technical Information Bulletins.

-Added programming cable pinouts for the CP040, CP150, and CP200. They are the same as the CTR series.

-Updated some information on re-initializing GM300 boards that may make the process simpler.

-Added a list of error code displays to the MTSX page.

-Added the pinout of the programming cable for the Centracom Gold Elite console.

-Added a tip about the Minitor IV and one of its "issues".

-Added Digikey part numbers to build your own Maxtrac accessory connectors.

-Added part numbers to the Astro Mobile page and Spectra page for face plate.

-Added a note on ignition control to the Maratrac page.

-Added part numbers for the parts needed to program an analog MSF5000.

December 16, 2003

-Added some more information on the HT440/HT90.

November 21, 2003

-The much awaited information on the Spectra Codeplug has been formatted and posted. It is available on the Spectra page.

September 2, 2003

-Okay, we're back after a nasty 4 day outage thanks to our ISP. That's the last straw, we're working on getting some mirroring setup for the main page so that it shouldn't be that much of an issue in the future.

August 28, 2003

-The gallery is alive once again. One of our members has been gracious enough to provide us with some space to host it, so it is back up and running. We have some new stuff to add to it, and that will hopefully take place next week.

August 18, 2003

-Added a modified RIB circuit that is supposed to work better than the original

-Added some HT1000 codeplug research

-Fixed an error on the "other" Universal Programming Interface (Pager RIB)

-Added a link to the M110 page about an interesting modification

-Added an alternative to MoSlo... a DOS Debug script to turn off cache

-Added another link for a freeware Syntor X programmer

-Updated the information on the RIB parts list to reflect Mouser as a source for the ICL7660 and CA3140

-Added a bit more information about the PX300-S Lunchbox radio

-Updated the MSF5000 page with another interfacing option

-Updated the RSS list from Motorola to the current one, 07/18/03

-Changed the link on the JT1000 page for the User Manual

-Added a link to the Utilities page for some online Motorola User Guides

-Added another programming link to the Syntrx page

-Added a place for the HT220 with a link for more information

-Fixed a typo on the Maxtrac page

-Added the XTS3500 to the Pinouts page

-Added a link to the Global Stolen Radio database

-Updated the Wanted page

-Created a page for the R-1801 programmer with a comprehensive list of part numbers.

August 13-17, 2003

-Created a page for the HTX III with some programming information

-Created a page specifically for the Railroad Spectra, and moved the info off the Spectra page, also added some more info to the Railroad Spectra page

-Removed the outdated prices from the Digikey parts list for the RIB

-Added a programming cable for the Astro Spectra Consolette

-Added some information on the reverse-burst feature now available for the HT/PRO radio CPS

-Added the programming cable for the DGT-9000

-Created a page for the MTR2000 and added a schematic of the cable to connect a Zetron 38/45 to it

-Added a matrix of all the configurable I/O pins on the Maxtrac

-Added the accessory connector information for the Minitor II charger bases

-Revised the layout of the SM50/SM120/M1225 Accessory Connector

-Added a note about a version of RSS for the Systems Saber

-Created a page for the GP2000/GP2100 with programming info

-Created a page for the GP2000, also added the programming cable pinout

-Added the pinout of the accessory connector in the Maratrac/M400

-Added a pinout to the STX page for typical microphone/speaker connections

-Created a page for the EX500/EX600 radios

-Added a tip to the Comtegra page

-Changed some contact information on the Mocom 70 page

-Added an Excel spreadsheet of all the model breakdown charts that one of our members created... see the Utilities and Resources page

-Corrected the part number for the FlashRib, and added the part numbers for the serial cables

-Added the tip about flipping the MT1000 display

-Sounds like the HLN1206 may be the same as the HLN1196A, updated the Syntor X9000 page to reflect this

-Added a list of error codes, test mode, and other specs to the Astro Saber page

-Added the missing pins to the GTX accessory connector pinout

-Added another hack to the Spectra Lab 5.03 section

-Added a tip to the 6m Maxtrac conversion page

-Added a couple more GE tones to the QC-II Tables

-Created a page for the Epson HX-20 programmer and updated appropriate links to it

-Removed the info on the RKN4081 Rib-less Programming Cable... Motorola doesn't show the RS232 converter on their schematic of the cable

-Minor feature update/addition to the MDC1200 explanation page

-Updated some information on the MX300S/R

-Added a warning to the Maxtrac page about repeater/linking modifications and 900MHz radios.

-Added some information on the Spectra DTMF decoder option and on a flat TX/RX audio option, also added another fail code explanation

-Fixed the link to the programming cable for the GP900 on the pinouts page

-Clarified the pin orientation for the Micom-2 cable

-Added a hint for an EPROM adapter to the MCX100 page

-Updated the Wanted page

-As you've probably noticed, the gallery is dead. No idea if it will be back or not, we don't have the bandwidth to host it locally.

March 16, 2003

-Finally replaced the WAY outdated RSS list with the current one (as of 03/10/03) from Motorola

-Fixed some errors on the RLN4460 page... now you can see the schematics... :)

-Fixed the broken link to the GP900 schematic

-Fixed a minor typo on the HT600 page

-Fixed a type on the SP50 page for channel expansion

-Fixed a broken link on the Pinouts page

-Updated a link on the Iden page

-Fixed an error in one of the offsets on the Maratrac page

March 15, 2003

-Added the info about the programming battery for the HT/PRO radios

-Added an update to the GP300 200Mhz conversion project

-Added some more info on the SP50 regarding different model types.

March 14, 2003

-Added some more option numbers to the ASTRO option list

-Updated the Pinouts page

-Added a note on adding a DTMF pad to a Visar

-Added the ASTRO bandsplits as reported by the RSS

-Added some information on DTMF microphones to the Maxtrac page (manual part numbers and what they cover

-Added some more info/mods for SP50 programming cradles

-Fixed the links on the Utilities and Resources page.

October 31, 2002

-Added more stuff to the FAIL 01/90 section on the Spectra page

-Added a page explaining what the Pin Shift control does for Maxtrac 900 conversions

-Added a note on the SP99 model Syntor X9000, and a bit of added info for the dual radio setup

-Added another audio interface option to the MSF5000 page

-Added link and some information on a 146MHz to 220MHz conversion for the GP300 as well as some more information to the model breakdown chart

-Added another tip for solving microphonic audio problems (and other issues) in GM300's

-Added a page for the GM950, not much info, but it is a start

-Added a source for Syntrx PROMS

-Added info on the LCD/Keypad test for Iden radios

-Added some information to the Spectra page about the new interconnect boards and more info on the Railroad Spectra

-Added a programming cable schematic for using the RIB with a Pyramid SVR200.

October 29, 2002

-Added an RSS exploit for getting around a missing system key

-Updated some of the out of band info for the HT50

-Added some more information on the RICK

-Added a board layout and schematic of the TX injection point for the GM300 9600 baud modification.

October 28, 2002

-Created a page for the Alert Central Paging Encoder

-Added the pinout of the KVL to Spectra cable as well as info on putting the radio into RF Modem mode

-Added a cross reference between the CDM and PRO series mobiles

-Someone figured out how to manually create system keys, see the Utilities Page for the link

-Added the pinout of the adapter Carolina Radio uses with their clone RIB

-Added info to the MCX1000 page about converting a Maxtrac microphone to work with this radio

-Added some info to the Spectra page on a possible way to recover form the FAIL 01/90 error, as well as some more manual part numbers.

October 27, 2002

-Added the VHF bandsplits to the MCX1000 model breakdown chart.

-Added a note on flashing the Professional radios with a RIB-less cable.

October 25, 2002

-Corrected the Mc-Micro programming cable schematic (pin numbering for the mic connector to correspond with the pinout names)

-Added another tuning procedure to the 6M Maxtrac conversion page

-Added a hint to the HT/PRO radio page that might assist in removing the password

-Added the parts list of the Service Cable for the Jedi radios (MTSX series, HT1000/JT1000)

-Corrected the programming cable pinout for the GP900, it is the same as the MTSX series radios.

October 23, 2002

-Corrected some minor flaws in the MTSX cable pinout diagram and GP900 diagram

-Added some info on converting a MTSX B5 to B7

-Added some more info to the Mostar page

-Corrected some info (IMBE/VSELP) on the Astro page

-Added a prettier layout (.pdf) of the connections to a CXB MSF5000 to interface with a repeater controller

-Created a page for the R.I.C.K. and added some information on it

-Added information to the FRS page on headset interface connections

-Updated the Iden page with some information on the headset interface used with these radios.

October 21, 2002

-Removed the broken Motorola Accesspoint links off the Utilities Page

-Added some updated information to the Maratrac page on the non-existent Texas Highway Patrol setup

-Added some info on flashing a GM1200 into an MT1200

-Added more information to the MDC1200 page

-Added an update regarding programming the PRO series radios with HT RSS

-Added information on the XTS Vehicular Adapter.

October 20, 2002

-Added info on the Radius T340, which was built along the same lines at the MC-Micro

-Added the pinout and a small schematic of the microphone connector for the MC-Micro

-Added some info to the JT1000 page about which radios support QCII, as well as a link to the .pdf of the Operator's Manual.

October 17, 2002

-OK, I'm starting the BIG update. It is going to take some time, so check back here for progress

-Added the information on the RLN4660A Test Box (the replacement for the RTX4005B)

-Added info about field programming (or not) the HT/PRO series radios, also a tip for keeping the thumbscrew in your programming cable

-Added the rest of the pin names to the MSF5000 control jack pinout.

April 21, 2002

-We have been on version 2 of the forum software for about a week now. So far, it is all looking good, and there have been many positive comments

-A new theme has been developed (with darker colors) and can now be accessed by selecting it in your profile setup. More tweaks will be made as time goes on

-Been messing with a 900 MHz Spectra... a VCO tuning procedure was the result and is available on the Spectra page.

February 26, 2002

-As you can see, the forums are back. Luckily, due to the hard work of our forum sponsor, we didn't loose any of the previous posts either! Yay!

February 10, 2002

-You will all note that the Discussion Forums have been down for a while now. They are not hosted locally, and we do not have control over the servers they reside on. It would appear that there was a major system crash, and that is why they went down. We have no idea when/if they will be back up. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

January 6, 2002

-Finally got around to updating the Motorola Gallery, check out all the new pictures that have been added!.

If you want to see what was updated prior to this... check here.