The Older Updates...

December 31, 2001

-My Christmas present to all the Spectra users... the band limit hack has been compiled and posted, you can find a link off the Spectra page

-Just some notes as we close out 2001 and head into 2002.

This has been another busy year for all of us here at Batwing Laboratories. There have been a number of challenges and achievements over the past year. There is always the ongoing flood of incoming information and email that gets back logged, there also have been a number of ISP related troubles. On the positive side we have had some excellent support from a number of individuals making donations to help keep us BANNER AD FREE! We have also had some very much appreciated support from those hosting our discussion forums and newly added space for the gallery.

We are all looking forward to 2002 and what it may bring. There is a LOT of stuff that needs to get posted to the web page, as well as the large number of emails that haven't been answered yet. Rest assured that it is an ongoing process and, even though it may be slow at times, it will get done.

Everyone's support of the site is greatly appreciated by all of us here, and in turn has a direct impact on benefiting every one who visits looking for information and answers. Keep it up!


October 27, 2001

-Added a page for the PT/PX300 "Lunchbox" portable radios

-Fixed a couple of broken links

-Added the programming key pinout for the MDT9100-10

-Added the error codes for the MCS2000 radios

-Updated the WANTED page.

October 23, 2001

-Added a LOT of button part numbers to the Spectra, Maratrac, and Syntor X9000 pages

-Added some clarity to the Systems Saber page about which RSS to use

-Added some info to the Visar/HT1000/JT1000 page about model number revision codes

-Added some info to the Astro Saber page about possibilities of monitoring iDEN traffic, added some info on converting your Astro to work like the LAPD's, corrected some info about multikey operation with more than five keys, added a bunch of tidbits of info from the discussion forums

-Added some of the part numbers to do Dual Radio operation with Astro mobiles

-Added a page to deal with the out of band hacks for Windows CPS (Astro)

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 13, 2001

-Worked on editing some information on the Astro Saber page

-Confirmed the pinout for the PRO5150 Elite

-Updated the Flash Decoder with more accurate information

-Fixed some HTML errors on the SP50 page

-Added the pinout links for the GM340, GM360, GM380 (same cables as the CDM series)-Updated the WANTED page.

September 10, 2001

-Added some Spectra codeplug locations for things like Model and Serial Numbers for editing with the Lab RSS

-Added the part number to the Saber page to convert a MX rapid charger for charging Saber batteries; also added an explanation of COPE and CORE

-Added some notes to the GM300 page about curing distorted audio problems

-Added the part number of the antenna connector cover for the Jedi radios when using the Public Safety mic

-Re-designed the Syntor/MCX100 page to explain things a bit better; and added some stuff for the MCX100.

September 9, 2001

-Added an extender definition to the Maratrac page

-Added some information on the HT600 and its available bandsplits

-Added a link to the Universal Programming Interface to the Minitor page as well as how to identify which reed is which in the Minitor I and II

-Added some pinout information on the TDN8310 DTMF microphone to the DTMF mic page

-Added the part number for the GP300/GP350 accessory adapter

September 8, 2001

-Made some changes on the HT/PRO page with respect to the RKN4083 programming cable (wrong schematic), and added the proper RKN4083 schematic

-Reduced some image sizes to make loading faster and updated the links on the appropriate pages

-Added another, probably bit easier to follow, EPROM calculation section to the MX300-S page

-Created an MDC1200 Protocol page

-Added some schematics of the cable and connectors in a Privacy Plus 1000

-Removed the individual R1225 and i750R pages and combined them all on a GR400/GR500 page, along with a bunch more related information

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 7, 2001

-We are still off the net. Not too sure when we will be back, but it will be as soon as possible

-The discussion board is alive once again, in its new home, with a new look. You can check it out at For all those who pre-registered, you will have to register yourself using the new system off the main page of the board. That way you will be able to select your own preferences

-Added a link to the Syntor page about another method of frequency agility without having to use the old EPROM

-Added a mailto link to the MTSX page

-Added a bit of information to the HT/PRO Series page about passwords and user programming (information only, no hacks, yet)

-Confirmed that the 900MHZ GTX portable will work on the ham band by just changing the bandsplit in the RSS

-Minor edit to the Astro Saber page

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 2, 2001

-Added a service tip to the GP300 page, for radios with low audio output

-Added a note to the JT1000 section about the default password

-Added the pinout of the microphone connector to the Mostar page

-Added a note to the Minitor III section on putting the pager into programming mode

-Added a not on the Maratrac page about programming a radio without a head

August 31, 2001

-A re-write of various portions of the Astro Saber page

-Made a couple of additions to the Flash Programming information page.

August 30, 2001

-Added a bit more information to the MOF230 page

-Updated the information on the Astro AVA to confirm that it works with the Saber SI.

August 29, 2001

-Well, we are slowly falling back onto the internet... as cache times out, people will be able to again access the site. There are going to be some changes over the next few weeks as we have to move some things around with different hosting arrangements.

-Added some information to the Syntor X9000 page on how to configure for manual siren operation/horn transfer

-Added a page on the Flexar Repeater

-Added some information to the GP300 page on fuse location and how to get to it

-Added a note to the Saber page on the ERR 01 D that shown up when you are programming a Saber III

-Added the part numbers for the kits that interface to the Maxtrac type accessory connector to the appropriate pages

-Added some useful part numbers for building a HT600 type programming cable

-Added a note on the Spectra RR Radio and not scan capable

August 28, 2001

-We fell off the internet today... thanks to our ISP. No idea on how long the outage will be... so with nothing else to do, I guess it's update time... lucky for you!

-Added a bit more to the Saber Upgrading section as well as antenna dot colors

-Added a note on how to get a 5-tone GP300 into test mode to maybe accept a codeplug if it is corrupted

-Added a note to the MCX1000 page about the 56 channel OPTION for the 128 channel radios

-Added how to identify the bandsplit in an MT1000

-Added some information on bandsplit conversion for the MX300

-Added a bit about dash to remote mount conversions for Spectra's

-Added some preliminary information including part numbers on the Astro Spectra dual drawer/single head (HHCH) setup

-Added a confirmation that the US Marine's special version of the Astro Saber does in fact exist

-Added some information on the Epson HX-20 in regards to programming the Mostar, also added a spreadsheat to help program a Mostar EPROM

-Added information and the initial review of the Windows CPS for the Astro radios

-Created a page for Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)

-Added links on the Astro pages as well as the Flash Upgrade Primer page to the Flash Decoder

-Added links on the Astro pages to the Flash Upgrade Primer page

-Updated the Flash Decoder document with some minor changes

-Added the Motorola Upgrade Estimate form (Excel) to the Utilites and Other Resources page

-Added some new information on the Maratrac with the Systems 9000 head to the Maratrac page

-Updated the Syntor X9000 page with further information on the Dual Drawer/Single X9000 Head setup

-Added the LAPD radio model number, updated flash options decode, and how to check for CAI compliance to the Astro Saber page

-Updated the Toolproofing prevention procedure on the MTSX page

-Added a link on the MT500 page to MT500.COM

-Added part numbers for the RSS and associated manual to the I750R page

-Added a link on the Model Number Decoding page that links to the GTX model breakdown

-Changed the layout of the GTX page and added some information on using the 900MHz version for Amateur Radio

-Updated the WANTED page.

August 26, 2001

-More to come... this is a start of the big update. We are also working on moving to an new service provider

-Added some pictures to the page on linking Maxtrac's to make locating the appropriate connectors easier

-Changed the layout of the GM300 page a bit

-Added a bunch more information to the Maxtrac page including the location of the Ignition Control fuse, and a further 900MHz modification, also changed the layout a bit to make it easier to find some information

-Added the connector pinouts for the Transpeater II

-Added the pinout for the programming cable for the SP50+

-Minor update to the Saber model chart

-Added a few more tones to the QC-II Table 4

-Added yet another simple RIB schematic to the RIB page (for programming radios that don't need the BUSY lines)

-Added a MTX2000 page

-Added another procedure for out of band programming for the HT50/P100... for VHF

-Added information to the Spectra page on converting a Syntor X9000 VRS for use with a Spectra

-Added some information to the GP900 page on intrinsically safe radios and programming them

-Added another parts database search link to the Utilities and Resources page

-Added the squelch adjustment procedure for the Minitor III to the Minitor page

-Added some clarification on the siren cable that is shown on the Spectra (including Astro) pages which is for W3 Astro radios only

-Added a link to a site with a nice little programmer circuit that can be used on GP300's as well as radios like the Maxtrac/Radius/GM300 that only use BUS+ and GND for programming

-Added the secure module part number for the Astro Spectra/Saber that does DVP-XL/DES-OFB for Project-25

-Added information relating to the Maratrac with the squelch knob

-Created a page for the I750R Telephone Interconnect

-Made a couple grammatical changes on the 2-way programming primer page

-Updated the GP300 Model Chart

-Changed the layout of the HT1000/JT1000/Visar page, we are also pleased to report that the hack for getting rid of your JT1000 programming key for ever has been released

-Added a little note on the MX300 Vehicular Adapter (ruggedized version)

-Updated some information on the Astro Saber Vehicular Adapter

-Added a page for the MOF230 Jedi Portable

-Added some information on flashing to the Professional Radio page, and the RKN4075 RIB-less programming cable pinout

-Added some more manual part number information to the Spectra page

-Added some programming information on the SportBase radio to the SM50 page

-Minor changes to the Syntor X9000 page, also added the schematic of the YKN4214A cable and a little more information on some error codes, as well as some further information on the Washington State setup

-Updated the WANTED page.

August 26, 2001

-We had our 500,000th sometime today! Not too bad for about 4 years.

March 24, 2001

-Updated some of the info on the Maratrac page (6m mod and X9000 head)

-Fixed a broken link on the MCS2000 button page

-Added "Panel Numbers" to the Maxtrac page

-Added the pinouts of the connectors on the Railroad Spectra

-Added the pinout for the LTS2000

-Added some more manual part numbers to the Astro mobile page

-Added some info to the M1225 page regarding converting LS radios back

-Added some more model numbers to the GTX page

-Added the pinout of the DB25 on the MTSX MVA

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 08, 2001

-Added a RIB PC Board layout... finally

-Added the programming cable pinout for the PTX-600

-Added programming cable info to the Comtegra page

-Added a flash option listing page to the Astro Mobile/Portable pages

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 07, 2001

-Corrected a manual part number on the GTX page

-Confirmed a part number for the firmware in the dual radio Syntor X9000 setup

-Added some more information to the GP300 model chart

-Added some info to the Maxtrac page regarding the 99 channel modification, some more codeplug checksum locations, and option bytes in the codeplug

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 05, 2001

-Added a couple of manual part numbers to the Spectra page

-Added info on the option bits in the .mdf file for the Maxtrac/Radius, including how to enable scan

March 04, 2001

-Minor update to the FlashCode decoder

-Updated the RSS tricks on the Astro Saber page

-Minor changes to the MCS2000 model list

February 28, 2001

-Updated some of the DTMF info on the Visar page

-Updated some manual part numbers on the Saber and Systems Saber Pages

-Added the pinout for the PTX1200

-Added some error codes to the X9000 page

-Updated the WANTED page.

February 25, 2001

-Fixed a broken link on the R100 page

-Added a GP900 page with a 16 channel modification

-Corrected some info on the Syntor X-9000 page

-Added a schematic for the Astro Spectra Siren Cable

-Added a schematic for the guts of a GP300 battery pack

-Updated the WANTED page.

February 24, 2001

-Added a page outlining the Maxtrac 900 MHz modification complete with pictures

-Added the pinout of the programming cable for the MRTI2000

-Added a list of models to the MCS2000 page, as well as a replacement button parts list

-Added the pinout of the Motrac/Mocom70 microphone connector

-Added a service cable schematic for the Saber/MX1000/Systems Saber radios

-Added info on interfacing to a Centracom Console

-Added a method of recovering a corrupted HT/PRO series radio

-Added a tip to the HT600 page about viewing out of band frequencies in the RSS

-Updated the GP300 model breakdown chart

-Added a 2 channel modification to the Minitor II page

-Added some information on the Astro Saber Vehicular Adapter

-Added some LAPD related info to the Astro Saber page

-Added a 16 channel expansion modification to the GP300 page for 5-Tone radios

-Added a tip to the corrupt codeplug section of the Spectra page

November 20, 2000

-Added a DEK cable pinout to the Spectra page

November 19, 2000

-Minor correction to the Saber page

-Added a bit of info to the GTX page

-Added a possible revival technique to the GM900 page

-Fixed a broken link to the Flash Cable on the Astro Saber page

-Fixed the broken Batboard Archive links

-Updated the WANTED page.

November 17, 2000

-Added an FRS page

November 16, 2000

-Added the pinout for the accessory connector on the CDM series mobiles as well as a model breakdown chart

-Added the service cable pinout for the P040 and P080 radios

-Added the pinout of the HLN9742 Flash Upgrade Cable

-Added some info to the Saber page, including a model breakdown

-Added an R1225 page and an RSS tip to it

-Minor update to the M1225 page regarding out of band procedures and using external speakers

-Minor update to the Mostar page

-Added the service manual part number to the PAC-RT page.

-Added some more info to the Spectra page

-Added some more links to the Utilities and Resources page

-Added programming cable information for the i20R controller

-Added a Motorola document to the HT Professional radio page that deals with range complaints by customers

-Added a page for the Alert Monitor Receiver with a tip and FAQ

-Updated the email address on the Micor and Mitrek packet modification pages

-Updated the info on the out of band modifications for the Astro radios, it is tested up to and including version 8.5

-Removed the page for the Mocom70, since the email address we had for a contact is dead, and there is no other information on it

-Corrected a couple of labels on the Saber and Astro Saber programming cable pinouts

-Added the flash/service cable pinout for the Astro Saber/Saber Si

-Finally have a sure fire method for adding DTMF to HT1000's and Visar's that doesn't require cloning

-Added the cable info for the PAC-RT to Maxtrac/Radius/GM300, as well as some other info

-Made a couple of minor re-arrangements to the Pinouts page

-Added some programming instructions to the Micom-2 page

-Added a MCS2000 model breakdown chart

-Added a dedicated flash page to help explain flash programming

-Minor correction to the encryption page

-Updated a couple of links on the Syntor X9000 page and added some new information

-Added some more RSS related info to the Astro Portable (Saber) and Astro Mobile pages

-Added the part numbers for the Jedi series side connector (speaker mic) parts

-Updated the WANTED page.

November 11, 2000

-We're trying to change our DNS servers, but are having problems with Network Solutions making updates to our records in a timely fashion. Compounding the problem, the DNS servers we are trying to change to are down, which means we are down until we can get everything straightened out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Added programming cable info for Iden radios

-Created a page specific to model number charts

-Removed the PCB layout for the RIB since we have no way to read it any longer

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 11, 2000

-Added another part number to the Spectra page for a field remote mount retrofit kit and info on the railroad radio

-Added a service note to the MCS2000 page

-Added info to the MT1000 page regarding how to determine bandsplit

-Added the pinout of the MTSX convert-a-com power connector

-Updated the Syntor X9000 page with some programming hardware info

-Added into to the C200 Console page for connecting it to a GM300

-Added some info to the Saber page on adding DTMF to a Saber II radio

September 9, 2000

-Added another link to the Iden page

-Created a page for DTMF microphones

-Added a couple of part numbers to the Spectra page and added pictures of the MLM board

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 5, 2000

-Edited the Astro Mobile model breakdown chart to reflect Astro Portable's

September 4, 2000

-Added some info on the SP RSS numbers to the Syntor X-9000 page

-Added the model breakdown chart for Astro Mobiles

September 1, 2000

-Created an XTS3000 page and added service manual part numbers to it

-Added service manual part numbers to the Saber, Systems Saber, Astro Saber, and Astro Spectra pages.

-Added part numbers and contents for the HT750/1250 and PRO5150/7150 refurbishing kits

-Added error codes to the MCX1000 page

-Added the schematics for the TDN8310A DTMF microphone to the Maxtrac and MCX1000 pages

August 30, 2000

-Added service manual part numbers to the MTSX, Visar, GTX, MCS2000, Spectra, and Maratrac pages

August 29, 2000

-Added some info to the STX page on test mode

-Corrected the HT Pro Service Cable pinout (Boot Control Pin)

-Added a little info on converting a trunking Maxtrac/Radius back to conventional operation

-Added another link on the File Utilities page for a utility that will let you edit the .dbf files used by some RSS packages (so you can add records for miscellaneous codeplug files so the RSS will let you load them)

-Re-arranged and added some tid bits to the MTSX page

-Added a note on the GM300 page about how to rectify an "out of memory" error when you try and program too much stuff in the codeplug

-Added some info on adding DTMF to an HT1000 and Visar

-Added the low band RF board part numbers to the Maratrac page

-Added a link to the RIB page for a viewer to view the RIB PCB layout that is there

-Added info on the type of PROM used in the MX-300S/R

August 28, 2000

-Fixed an incorrect link on the Systems Saber page

-Added a note on version 5 of the HT Pro Series RSS

-Added the pinout of the RKN-4047A Flash Cable for the Astro Mobiles

August 27, 2000

-Added a schematic for another MC Micro Programming Cable

-Added some new info on the M400/Maratrac Page

-Updated the MTR2000 programming cable page to reflect the proper orientation of pin 1

-Added info to the Saber page about converting a Saber I to a Saber I(E)

-Added some more info to the Syntor X9000 page, correcting a few things and adding info about dual drawer with Systems 9000 head operation

-Added a very cool mod to the Syntor page for computer control

-Added some file utilities

-Added a Motorola Service Bulletin to the RSS Primer page as well as an RSS troubleshooting flowchart

-Revised the pinout of the KVL-MCS2000 cable

-Added a pinout for the CTR Series Portable Programming/Service Cable

-Added a RSS mod for GP300 5-tone RSS to disable checking in the radio before programming

-Added some info on the Handie-Talkie RF Link (uses HT440's)

-Added a picture of a completed R100 interface to the R100 page

August 26, 2000

-Re-organized the Pinouts page to hopefully make it easier to read, and added a few new ones

-Tried to clairify the procedure for out of band on certain versions of CDM radios

-Added some excellent info on the PROM layout for the MX300S/R

-Re-organized the PL code tables to show sorted by code and by frequency

-Added some updated info on the SJI option boards for the M/P1225

-Added a page for the AP10/CP10 and a possible out of band modification for the AP10

-Added links on the Syntor and Syntor X9000 pages

-Added the pinout of the MCX-100/Syntor microphone connector as well as a microphone schematic

-Added a model chart and some manual part numbers for the HT90/HT440

-Added another "simple RIB" schematic

-Added some more info on Toolproofing to the MTSX page

-Added a tip to the SP50 page

-Changed the pins on the GM350 Front/Back cable pinout to correspond with the pins listed for the microphone connector and the programming cable

-Added a listing of Saber error codes to the Saber pages

-Added an Astro Mobiles page

-Did a couple of edits to the HT1000 channel addition procedure and added a note about LAB RSS and the HT1000

-Added the programming cable pinout for the Darcom 9000

-Added a page on FTR Hardware Keys

-Re-arranged and added stuff to the Spectra page (including some info on the 900 MHz ham band mod)

-Re-arranged and added stuff to the GP300 page

-Re-arranged and made a couple minor changes (SVA related) to the Saber page

-Added some info on the Minitor III recall to the Minitor page

-Updated the Utilities and Other Resources page to reflect some new links

-Added a model breakdown to the MC-Micro page

-Added another part number to the encryption page

-Updated the WANTED page.

May 21, 2000

-Added a cheesy chat room

-Added a search engine.

April 29, 2000

-Added some codeplug hacking info to the Maxtrac/Radius page

-Added some info on changing the serial number and blanking recovery to the GM300 page

April 17, 2000

-Added some stuff to the Spectra page about the MLM and upgrading

-Added a warning on programming MCS2000's

-Added a model breakdown chart to the Pro Series radio page

-Added the pinout of the HT90/HT440 mic connector to the HT50/P100 page (they're all the same)

-Added some more information on the MTSX Toolproofing error

-Added a test mode page for the Trunked Maxtrac's

-Added some more info to the Syntor X9000 page, regarding more channels

-"Touched" all the files and make minor changes here and there

-Added a MOSCAD page with a reference to the service manual part number

-Updated the WANTED page.

April 2, 2000

-Added a model breakdown chart to the SM50/SM120 page

-Did a new layout of the Model Specific page.

April 1, 2000

-Added a bunch more error codes to the Syntor X9000 page

-Added a primer page for those just starting out in the world of programming Motorola 2-way

-Found over 200 MB of new RSS on an FTP server... nah, just kidding, April fool's! :)

March 31, 2000

-Added a note to the Visar page regarding model numbers and version releases

-Created a dedicated Syntor X9000 page and added a table of option numbers to it

-Updated the pinouts page to reflect that the programming cable for the M10/M100/M120/M130 are all the same as the Maxtrac/Radius cable

-Added another bit of info to the Minitor page regarding the Minitor I and carrier squelch

-Added a couple replacement filter part numbers for the Maxtrac 900MHz conversion (the original ones have been discontinued)

-Added the pinout of the accessory connector and control head connector to the MC-Micro/M110 page

-Created a MSF5000 page

-Couple of edits to the Index page

-Added a GM300 to Maxtrac conversion to the GM300 page as well as updating the model breakdown chart to reflect logic boards found in M120's

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 26, 2000

-Added some info to the Professional Radios page

-Added a local copy of Condor Communications GP68 User's Guide to the GP68 page.

March 21, 2000

-Added the pinout of the Hand-held Control Head Cable for the GM900

March 20, 2000

-Added the rest of the info regarding using a Maratrac with a PAC-RT

-Added installation instructions for using a Command Data Encoder with the Spectra

-Added some info regarding programming the MTX838 to the MTSX page

-Added the schematic for connecting a MDC1200 unit to a Spectra

-Added the pinout for the programming cable for the Syntrx Plus

-Added a GM300 model breakdown chart

March 19, 2000

-Added the pinout of the GTF377A "Front to Back" cable to the GM950 page

-Updated the pinouts page to reflect the programming cable required for the GP88 and GP280

-Added some info about the GP88 to the GP300 page

-Added some out of band info for the MCS2000 series

-Added some info to the GM350 page explaining some of the differences between radios

-Added a RSS part number to the Pro Series radio page as well as some other info

-Added a simple diagram of a speaker mic for the Jedi/Visar radios (with proper adapter)

-Updated the firmware rev. required to use a MTSX with SystemWatch

-Added a service manual part number to the Minitor II page

-Added some info about a GP300 codeplug editor

-Added the pinout of the HLN1196A Syntor Auxilliary Switch Box

-Added a model breakdown chart for the Minitor II/Director II pagers and corrected some info on the Minitor page

-Added a link to the Minitor II model breakdown chart from the Utilities page

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 18, 2000

-Added the programming schematic for the PRO3150

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 17, 2000

-Added some info to the MTSX page about using an MTS2000 with SYSTEMWATCH

-Added info on the programming cable for the LTS/LCS2000 (should be the same as the Maxtrac)

-Added some info on the CDM1250 and CDM1550

-Added a possible upgrade procedure to the Saber page

-Added some info to the Minitor page

-Added a page with the bare minimum connections for programming HT600's and the like

-Corrected some of the out of band info on the Pro Series radio page

-Updated the Maratrac page with what should be a PAC-RT cable number

-Created a page for the C200 console

-Added some info to the Iden page

-Table editing on the Spectra page

-Updated the M1225 page again with some more info

-Updated the encryption page

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 16, 2000

-Added a MCR100 page with out of band info (UHF)

-Replaced the M170 programming schematic with a new version

-Added the schematic for the microphone connector of the GM300

-Added a warning to the Comtegra Console page

-Added a model list to the GTX page

-Added RSS part number lists and exploded views to the Utilities page

-Added the error codes and some other stuff for the Syntor X9000

-Added the all new BatLabs Discussion Board.

March 15, 2000

-Created a page for Privacy Plus mobiles

-Added the cloning info for the HT50/P100

-Added a bunch of part numbers for to the Spectra page

-Added some clarification to the out of band procedure for the HT1000/Visar

-Added a schematic for a GP300 speaker mic. to the GP300 page to help create your own accessories

-Updated the WANTED page

-Added some more pictures to the gallery

-Added a tip to the HT600 page instead of clipping the channel limiter

-Added some more out of band info for the Astro Saber

-Added a couple links to the Iden page

-Added some info on the dual drawer option for the Syntor

-Added the pinout for the KVL to MCS2000

-Added a HT750/1250/1550/PRO5150/7150/9150/ GP320/340/360/380/GP318/338/etc. page

-Added some info on Syntor X9000/Spectra A9 heads

-Added some Saber SVA information

-Added some programming info on the Radius M110 (see the MC Micro page)

March 14, 2000

-Added the Motorola Gallery, a pictorial to help identify Motorola radios.

October 4, 1999

-Added some info on the Maxtrac/Radius for cross-referencing the .mdf file to a particular radio's codeplug file.

October 2, 1999

-Fixed a couple broken links

-Added test mode info to the STX page

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 28, 1999

-Added another control cable schematic to the Spectra Page

-Minor bug fixes to yesterday's update

-Updated the WANTED page.

September 27, 1999

-Added a conversion chart between Motorola trunking channel numbers and actual frequencies to the Utilities page

-Added a method of out of band info for Astro Sabers

-Added some info the encryption page

-Updated some info on the P1225/M1225 page

-Added a PCB layout for the RIB (in Tango 2.06 format)

-Added a little additional info on the Minitor I

-Added a couple things to the Maratrac page

-Added a tech. tip to the RIB page

-Added some service tips to the HT50/P100 page

-Added a freeware program to create an EPROM image for a VHF Syntor as well as some more info about the dual radio/single head option

-Re-worked the GM300, Maxtrac/Radius, R100, SM50/SM120, and SP50 pages with screen shots from Hex Workshop

-Added some stuff to the RIB page

-Added a bunch of new schematics and stuff to the Spectra page

-Added the pinout of the Visar accessory connector

-Added a list of Visar models

-Updated the WANTED page.

August 22, 1999

-Fixed some broken links on the MTSX and SP50 pages.

August 14, 1999

-Added a modification to allow the MTX900 to be used in the Ham Band

-Added a source for MT500 channel elements

-Added some info on the GP280 and 220MHz GP300's in general

-Added some part numbers to the Spirit page

-Added a little info on the MTSX Convertacom

-Added the pinouts of the Minitor II connector

-Added some info to the Spectra page on clearing a FL01/82 error

-Added a bit of info on how to convert an 800 MHZ Micor to the Ham Band

-Added a page with the pinout compatibility between the Motorola and Polaris RIB's

-Added some info on the MCX600

-Added a bit of information on converting a MTX B5 into A MTS C7

-Added yet another method to try to revive a dead HT600/MT1000

-Added some info on the MX1000/2000/3000

-Updated the WANTED page.

May 15, 1999

-Added Quick Call II Encoding and Standard PL Tones to the Utilities page

-Updated the out of band info for the 5-tone GP300

May 14, 1999

-Added 99 channel, new out of band, and VIP connector pinouts to the Maratrac page

-Added a new Utilities page with all kinds of assorted information

-Couple of changes to the Model Specific Information page

-Updated the Pinouts page

-Added a link to a site with a less complex RIB schematic for limited uses

-Updated the link to Condor's GP68 User's Guide

-Added some tuning information for using a Maxtrac/Radius on 6 meters

-Added some info on the Saber SVA wiring

-Straightened out some of the information regarding the different Saber programming cables

-Added another method to try and clear a MT1000 of a bad codeplug

-Added some info to the Micom-2 page

-Added another tip regading out of band programming with the 5-tone GP300

-Added some info to the Iden page

-Added some info to the Syntor page regarding using a single control head with two radios

-Corrected some info on the GM350 page

-Added some part numbers to the Encryption page

-Hopefully added enough info to the Spectra programming cable page to make selecting the correct cable easier

-Added a link on the Mitrek page for programming a reed-less PL board

-Added the pinout of the Minitor-III programming base

-Updated the WANTED page.

March 18, 1999

-Added a Micom-2 page

-Added a Converta-Com modification to allow programming of the Saber to the Saber page

-Added some Iden information

-Added another 16 channel mod for the MT1000 and updated the Converta-Com information

-Added some keyloader and other general information for the Astro Saber

-Added programming info and created a page for the Traxar

-Added a possible expanded channel mod for the M1225

-Updated the Visar page

-Updated the GP68 page

-Added a bunch of information to the Minitor Page

-Added a link to the Micor page

-Added out of band information to the HT50/P100 page

-Updated information on the GTX page

-Added a page on 2-way encryption

-Updated some pager service manual info

-Added info regarding the P1820AX portable repeater to the Spectra Page

-Fixed an oops on the SP50 programming cable page

March 15, 1999

-Added a fax number to our Contact List.

January 30, 1999

-We now have a source of hybrid PC Boards for the RIB, see the RIB page for details

-Added a Minitor I/II/III page

-Added the pinout for the Maratrac control head cable

-Added the accessory connector pinout for the M1225

-Added another tip for trying to clear a bad MT1000 codeplug

-Added some info to the GM300 page regarding the OpCode #7 Error

-Added a contact for modifying STX's

-Added a programming cable for the Radius M170

-Added some out of band programming information for the Syntor

-Added "dots" to the RIB schematic for all those who couldn't figure it out without them

-Updated some info on the P50/P50+

-Created a page for the HKN9755A cloning box (clones GP300's and P110's)

-Created a page for the Mocom70

-Created a page for the MX Series Converta-Com

-Created a page for the Comtegra Console

-Created a page for the PAC-RT, including a Syntor-X to PAC-RT cable diagram

-Made a change to the Syntrx page

-Updated the WANTED page.

January 3, 1999

-Fixed a couple of broken links (should learn not to do this stuff at 0300...)

-Added the pinout for the Programming/Service Cable for the new HT750/1250/1550 series of radios

-Added some info on converting Maxar/Moxy's to 6m

-Corrected a minor error to the P100 programming cable

-Added concrete information on what the "ToolProofing" error is in the MTSX series

-Added another source for information on the Syntor series of radios

-Added a link to the Motorola Parts Database so everyone can search for their own parts/prices from Motorola

January 2, 1999

-Happy New Year! Another year passes, and were still alive!! Let's hope it continues.

-Added some programming information on the Mostar

-Updated some information on the accessory connector for the Saber/Astro Saber

-Added yet another repeater linking cable for Maxtrac/Radius radios

-Added a link to someone who is working on a Model Breakdown chart of Motorola Radios and who can program older PROM type radios

-Added some info on PTT ID's for the GM300

-Added programming information on the Syntrx

-Added a GTX page

-Added a T5600 page with pinouts

-Updated the WANTED page.

November 28, 1998

-Added pinouts for: GP68 Cloning and Service Cable, GM950 Accessory and Mic, Saber Accessory, GP600 Programming, Command Plus Programming

-Added info to the Syntrx page

-Added a user's guide for the AP73

-Added some info on the MT1000 and programming

-Added a Spectra model chart and some other info to the Spectra page including a Power-Up Self Check fail code table

-Added packet conversion info for the Micor and Mitrek, GM300, Maxtrac/Radius radios

-Added a page on the Motorola Synthesized RF Link

-Added info on using Syswatch with a couple of different radios

-Added another repeater linking cable for the Maxtrac/Radius

-Updated the WANTED page.

October 13, 1998

At the request of the author, changed the link to MoSlo's home page

Added a link to Break Point Software, the makers of THE best hex editor, Hex Workshop.

October 12, 1998

-Added the cloning cable pinout, cloning instructions, and 99 channel scan programming info to the HT600/MT1000/P200 page

-Added Pac/RT and Type I to Type II/IIi trunking conversion infor to the Maxtrac page

-Updated the model chart and added channel expansion info and the power connector pinout to the MCX1000 page

-Re-scanned the MTSX model chart

-Added B5 to C7 conversion info the the Spectra page

-Added info on adding conventional personalities to trunking STX's

-Added some out of band info for 5-tone GP300's

-Added the R.I.C.K. schematic

-Added some info on the mic connector for the Maxar 50 and the power connector for the Moxy

-Added a PROM conversion chart for the Syntrx

-Corrected an error on the pager RIB schematic

-Added the pinout and schematic of the PL board for the SP10

-Added the programming cable pinout for the MTR-2000 repeater

-Added some info on adding channels to an SM50

-Added another possible dongle pinout for TK

-Added a link to get MoSlo for slowing your machine down

-Made a correction to the Spectra 900 programming cable

-Updated the WANTED page.

August 3, 1998

-Updated the WANTED page

-Added info to the MT1000, Maxtrac/Radius, Spectra, GM300, and GP300 pages.

July 19, 1998

-Updated the WANTED page

-Minor change to the LM311 substitution into in the RLN4008

-Added CP50/AP50 information

-Made some cosmetic changes to the Keyloader Cable page to make it a bit easier to read

-Added some C source code to the Spectra page for changing the S/N (no idea if this works)

-Added come more out of band mods to the Maxtrac/Radius page for an older version of Maxtrac RSS

-Added a System Watch I/II page with a bit of info

-Made a change to Hoffis' GP300 page to reflect new info regarding the checksum in the codeplug

-Added some new information on Maratrac Out of Band programming

-Added a P50+ page with some programming information

-Added information on the HT90/HT440

-Added a bit of info concerning changing a Syntor X-9000 from 32 to 64 channels.

-Added a listing of RSS error codes for the Radius Series of radios (Radius mobile, GP300, GP350, Maxtrac, etc)

-Added programming information on the MX-350

-Added scanlist programming info for the MT1000

-Added programming cable info for the P1225

-Added a repeater cable for the GM300/M120/M10 radios and a bit of other info on the GM300

-Added the pinout for the GP300/GP350/P110/GTX Portable Service Cable

>-Added a model breakdown chart for the GP300 series of radios

-Added a model breakdown chart for the MTSX series of radios

-Added a page for the G900/MC900/GM1100/GM1200/GM2000/MCX1200/MCS2000/MCX2000/MC2100 series of radios.

June 19, 1998

-Updated the WANTED page

-Updated the Spectra Hi-power programming cable

-Added pinouts for the MSF5000, JEDI Cloning cable, and the MTSX and SM50/120 Accessory connectors

-Added a TX Audio modification for the Maxtrac/Radius series.

-Added another GP300 hacking page by Hoffis.

June 11, 1998

-Updated the WANTED page

-Updated the RIB parts list with some info.

June 7, 1998

-Added a bit of info for the GP68

-Added a page with link for MC Micro/Compact/Centro information

-Added some various pinouts, in particular the Quantar, GTX mobile, GM900

-Updated the Spectra page with some info

-Updated the Syntor/MCX-100 page

-Updated the GM300/GP300/Maxtrac/Radius/SP50/SM50/SM120 pages with a couple of minor changes involving the bandsplit identifier in the table at the top of the .mdf file

-Changed the HT600/MT1000 to make it a bit easier to read

-Developed the theory of adding extra channels to a SM120, try it and see if it works

-Updated the WANTED page

June 5, 1998

-Added our mailing address to the contact page

May 31, 1998

-Updated the WANTED page

-Out of band programming for the System's Saber

-Added some pinouts

-Updated out of band programming for the MTSX/JEDI series of radios

-Updated the MC Micro programming cable pinout

-Added some info about moving a Maratrac into the 6m Ham band

-Info on adding features to a Spectra

-MT1000 MVA pinouts

-Updated out of band programming for the Maxtrac/Radius/GM300/GP300/P110/GP350/SM50/SM120/SP50

-Updated expanded channel info for GP300/P110/GP350/Maxtrac/Radius/SP50

April 10, 1998

-Added GM950 programming cable.

April 4, 1998

-Made a slight change to the HT600/MT1000 page

-Updated the WANTED page

-Added and edited some stuff to the GM300 page

-Added a R100 page with out of band information.

March 31, 1998

-Changed and added a whole mess of things, check it out.

March 21, 1998

-Added copy protection to the cable pinout's (to deter unauthorized copying)

-Fixed error in MCX1000 cable pinout.

January 1, 1998

-Happy New Year!

-Added cable pinouts for the MCS2000, R100, GP900, and TK "Math Device"/Dongle

-Updated some info on the Spectra page regarding A5 to A7 conversions

-Updated the WANTED page

November 25, 1997

-Updated MT2000 and HT600 pages.

November 16, 1997

-Updated all kinds of things, to numerous to list, go check it out :)

September 1, 1997

-Updated the WANTED page

-Added the pinout of the 5 pin Maxtrac/Radius accessory connector

-Added some Saber stuff

-Added some more info about the MX300S

-Added some more info about the Spectra test mode

-Put up a better diagram for the SP50 programming cable

-Added some information about the Maxar50

-Made a minor fix to Hoffis' GP300 page (disabling the RSS' encryption).

July 6, 1997

-Updated the WANTED page

-Updated the pinouts page with pinouts for the MC MICRO/COMPACT/CENTRO, SM120, M1225, SM50

-Updated the Maxtrac/Radius page

-Updated the SP50 programming cable page with a nifty idea for a programming stand

-Updated the Syntor page.

June 8, 1997

-Updated the WANTED page

-Updated the Spectra page to reflect information regarding the password into test mode

-Revised the HT600 programming cable schematic to correct a minor error

-Created a MX-300s page

-Created a MTX-900 page

-Updated the GP350 cable pinout page

-Updated the Cables and Connections page to reflect the fact that the HT600 cable also works on some other radios.

Apr 27, 1997

-Updated the WANTED page

-Added information on programming the SP50 and the Spectra

-Added a Syntor page with a freeware programmer for the Syntor X VHF

-Updated the JT1000 page to include a pinout of the Programming Key

-Updated the Maxtrac page to include a conversion program for figuring out the Hex values when programming the UHF Maxtrac out of band as well as some information on converting a 900 MHz Maxtrac for use in the 900 MHz Ham Band

-Updated the MT2000 page to include information on getting version R03.00.02 RSS to let you program outside the normal UHF bansplit.

Apr 3, 1997

-Re-designed the GP300, GM300, Maxtrac/Radius, and HT1000/Visar pages

-Updated the STX programming cable page with new information

-Updated the WANTED page.

Apr 2, 1997

-Re-designed the color scheme, yet again

-Completed the Advisor programming page.

Apr 1, 1997

-Added lots of cool new info to the GP300 page from another Motorola fan.

Mar 25, 1997

-Updated GP300 page with a note about TK.

Mar 23, 1997

-Made correction to Maxtrac/Radius upgrade info to clairify that the mod will NOT work on a radio without a 16 pin accessory connector.

-Added a page on the Spectra.

-Updated WANTED page.

Mar 20, 1997

-Added some information on the Mostar

-Updated WANTED page.

-Updated the Maratrac out-of-band info to reflect changes in checksum information.

-Updated the Maxtrac/Radius page with the channel increase information.

-Added the pinout for the Astro Saber programming cable.

-Updated the MT2000 page with some new information regarding LAB RSS.

-Updated the GP300 page regarding the change to the newer (>1994) 2 channel radios.

Feb 20, 1997

-Added Maratrac page and out of band programming info for it.

Feb 16, 1997

-Added VHF MCX1000 model chart

-Added out of band programming for the Maxtrac/Radius line

-Corrected RLN4008B RIB schematic, voltage on R3 should be +5VDC

-Added HT50/P100 cable information

-Updated WANTED page.

Feb 15, 1997

-Totally new color scheme (to help those of you with less than 65 thousand color resolution)

-GP350 programming cable added

-Updated GP300 hacking tips

-Out of band programming for MCX1000, HT600, and MT1000 sections added

-Increasing MT2000 A7 max channels.