Systems Saber

Service Manuals

Here are a listing of the Service Manual part numbers for this series of radio:

General Information

The difference between the Systems Saber and the regular Saber is that the Systems Saber is capable of trunking operation (on all bands).

Please note, you must use the Systems Saber RSS to program this radio. If you use any other software, it will not work, and you may kill the radio.

Out of band programming:

The modification we had here doesn't seem to work. It only changed what the RSS reported as the limits, but didn't actually let you program out of band.

Motorola expanded the bandsplit of all ranges in version 4.0 of the RSS to allow 1 MHz above and below the previous limits. No modifications are required to the startup.bin file.

We have also heard that System Saber RSS R03.00.2, RVN-4052C, dated 15 Apr 92 will allow Ham frequencies to be entered with no problem.

If you have a modification that is confirmed to work, please email us.

If you need to program the radio, use this cable, or service the radio using this cable.

Saber Accessory Connector Pinout

The pinout can be found here.

Saber Error Codes

If you have a Saber with a display, you may want to review the Saber Error Codes explanation.

Saber Vehicular Adapter (SVA) Information

The question has come up many times, "What's the difference between an Astro Saber SVA and a normal SVA?".

Answer, not much. There's that Astro label on the front panel, and the cutout on the top rim of the housing that allows you to get a better grip on the radio top controls. The only other difference is that the connector body assembly is different and the connector is fully populated with 12 contacts, while on a standard SVA there are only 7 installed contacts. The main circuit board is apparently the exact same item in both models.

The part number for the Astro SVA is NTN7227BSP01. Other revisions exist, in which case the B in that part number is replaced with a C or a D which is the most current version.

The part number for a standard SVA is NTN5487A.

There is a decal on top of the Astro SVA that gives the following useful data:

"CAUTION: Inserting the wrong radio may Damage the Adapter. This Adapter works with ASTRO Digital SABER, SABER and Systems SABER radios manufactured on or after September 1, 1994. These radios can be identified by their serial numbers: The 5th character (year) must be "U" or later (V, W, X, Y, or Z). If 5th character is U, the 6th character (month) must be "S" or later (T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z). Use Adapter ONLY with approved radio models. For radios manufactured prior to this date please contact: Motorola at 1-800-523-4007 (ext. 112) for upgrade details."

So, later Saber (non-Astro) radios apparently can be used with an Astro SVA...hmm. I would not be surprised to find out that the modification is merely a new housing for Sabers and Systems Sabers that reshuffle the connector assignment. It's the way I'd do it. That suggests that Astro speaker-mics might work on newer Sabers.

So there it Astro SVA is a regular SVA with a new connector body, an Astro decal, and a notch filed in the top of the housing...!