System Watch I

For hacking the system id for an unknown system:

search for the string : 83 3e ce 1f 06 76 1f b8 5a 1f 
change to:                                      eb 19 

System Watch II

The part number for the Syswatch Users Manual is 681121E27.

On the Spectra, it connects to the computer via the rib box and once you place the Spectra in RF modem mode (via the service menu), the software controls the Spectra via the RIB and regular Spectra programming cable. No extra programming required--- it's all done via Syswatch.

The only downside is that not all Spectras support RFMODEM -- if the radio is ZONE/MODE, then the radio will NOT support RF modem -- but luckily, not very many Spectras come with ZONE/MODE except maybe C series Smartnet ones.

On the Syntor X9000E, you need to use a RIM (Radio Interface Module), which is just about impossible to find.