Programming Information

Just a hint for all of you that are trying to figure out how to write your own software to calculate what to program into the EPROM... Check the programming for the actual PLL chip in the data book and write a small program to calculate the data required and compare it to known data in the PROM in the Syntrx.

Here is a conversion chart for using a EPROM in place of a PROM in the Syntrx:

     EPROM PIN 01    TO    PROM PIN 17
     EPROM PIN 02    TO    PROM PIN 01
     EPROM PIN 03    TO    PROM PIN 02
     EPROM PIN 04    TO    PROM PIN 03
     EPROM PIN 05    TO    PROM PIN 04
     EPROM PIN 06    TO    PROM PIN 07
     EPROM PIN 07    TO    PROM PIN 06
     EPROM PIN 08    TO    PROM PIN 05
     EPROM PIN 09    TO    PROM PIN 14
     EPROM PIN 10    TO    PROM PIN 13
     EPROM PIN 11    TO    PROM PIN 12
  |->EPROM PIN 12    TO    PROM PIN 20
  |  EPROM PIN 13    TO    PROM PIN 11
 L|  EPROM PIN 14    TO    N/C 
 I|  EPROM PIN 15    TO    N/C 
 N|  EPROM PIN 16    TO    N/C 
 K|  EPROM PIN 17    TO    N/C 
 E|  EPROM PIN 18    TO    PROM PIN 09
 D|  EPROM PIN 19    TO    PROM PIN 08
  |->EPROM PIN 20    TO    PROM PIN 10
     EPROM PIN 21    TO    N/C 
     EPROM PIN 22    TO    PROM PIN 15
     EPROM PIN 23    TO    PROM PIN 16
     EPROM PIN 24    TO    PROM PIN 18

You can use either 2716 or 2732 EPROMS only with this mod. The pin-outs are different for a 2764 or higher, although you can do it, which allows up to 64 banks of channels.

General Information

The PROM's for the Syntrx can be very hard to get, so an adapter board has been designed which uses a 2764 EPROM. It works well but is time consuming to make.  Please contact Brad for more information. He has also spent serveral hours converting the low band Syntrx to work on 6mtrs 52-54 mhz but has not finished the project due to lack of time. He still needs to work out the PA mods. So if you know of any one out there that has done this could you please let him know.

The Syntrx Compac is only a 2 channel version of the Syntrx this is programmed by a PROM and there is about 5 different versions of software for this radio also.

Some of the Syntrx's (the Plus's we believe) use RSS (AVN6021A, SYNPLUS.EXE) and a programming cable (AKN6224A) which has a MAX232 chip built in to the DB25 shell.

You can get all you want of the Syntrx PROM (20, 40 or 100 ch) and Syntrx PLUS EEPROM (depending on which you need) from

Another source for programming and PROMS is Black Box Systems.