Synthesized RF Link

These are made by Instrument Associates Inc. (IAI) as the OEM using GP300 radios as the RF portion and marketed as Motorola "Synthesized RF Link." Instrument Associates was bought out by GAI-Tronics Corp. Reading, PA. 1-800 492-1212.

IAI has been OEM'ing a number of products since around 1990. Their claims to fame are the DGT-9000 remotes for Spectra consolettes, the T-5600, the MRTI units and tone remote adapters for Maxtracs & GM300s and those junky newer tone remotes that have the solder jumpers and the membrane keypad.

This particular item uses a 68-82447W01 manual for it.

Part numbers are as follows:

Basic Model - just the strip in a minibox - no power supply or NEMA box -keep in mind the strip is a transceiver, not just a transmitter or receiver.
VHF -           L1744
UHF -           L1745

Package Model - Power supply plus NEMA box and one strip
VHF -           L1746
UHF -           L1747

Duplex Package Model - Power supply plus NEMA box and two strips, one with a fan
VHF -           L1928
UHF -           L1748

Continuous Duty Operation Option        E991 (has a fan)
Omit Housing                            E876
N Connector (rather than SO-239)        E877
NEMA 3 Housing                          E878
Rack mount                              E882
Omit Duplexer                           E883


Cable TDN9782

1200 Baud       TDN8352
2400 Baud       TDN8511
9600 Baud       TDN8503

DB15 Adapter kit (a DB15 male connector and photo-copied instructions for a
nice mark up) TDN9781

The programming cable for these units is the same idea as the GP300 Cable with a couple of modifications. The GROUND pin goes to chassis ground of the unit, the BUS+ goes to PIN 7 of the DB15 on the unit.