General Information

The schematic for typical speaker/microphone connections is available here.

You can find the pinout of the programming cable here.

Adding conventional personalities to a STX with trunking personalities

So far, it looks like the only way to do this is to use Lab RSS.

Using Lab RSS, you can go to the "Edit Conventional Modes" selection in the Change/View menu. If there is no conventional personality present, you get a prompt asking you if you want to create a new conventional personality (F2).

The new presonality is inserted in the first open personality slot in the personality summary screen (F8). You can then use the insert/copy function (F6) to copy the conventional personality as many times as needed, and then go back to the Edit Conventional Personality screen to edit individual personalities.

We know this seems a little convoluted, but it is the only way we have found to add personalities, conventional or trunked.

You can put an STX, STX800, STX821 etc. the radio into test mode and directly read the controller version and serial number of the radio on its display. Here's how:

Look at the accessory connector on the side of the radio when the radio is oriented antenna up, front of radio facing right. On the right side of the connector there are five contacts. Counting from top to bottom, pins 2 and 4 need to be shorted together while turning the radio on. When the radio beeps on turn-on, you've got it right. QUICKLY start to read all the info that flashes.

The controller type will come up and it will show something like, 'ver 5-1' or 'gpL 1-1' or 'rel 1-2', which are for controller types version 5.1, GPL 1.0, and REL 1.2, respectively.

You may have to put the radio through this powerup test several times to catch all the information, it goes kind of fast.

A controller that begins with 'ver' is a plain old privacy plus Type I controller. The most desirable controllers are the GPL and GPS series. GPL's are right for the radios known as Geminis. (STX 821) REL series (STX 800) and GPL and GPS series controllers will do Type II.

And you can also get all this info by reading the radio via the RSS.