The high (100W) Spectra/Spectra 9000 and mid power Spectras have 2 DB25 jacks on the trunk mount versions. One is for the control head cable, the second can be used for a second control head, as well as programming. Remote mount versions of the lower-power Spectras can have one or two DB25F connectors on the front panel. If you have one of these radios, you will need the High Power Cable to program through the second DB25.

Low power (one peice) Spectra's use a DB15 cable on the rear panel for programming. The Low Power programming cable also provides a 12VDC power lead to power the radio since the same connector is used for the power (the high power radios use a third connector for power). In this case, you need the Low Power Cable.

The remote mount lower-power Spectra will have one DB25F on the front and uses the standard-type control heads while the lower-power Spectra 9000 has two DB25F connectors and uses the Systems 9000 control head.

The lower-power Spectra 9000 radios can be programmed via the second DB25F on the front panel if present, and they can also be programmed via the rear DB15F.

The lower-power Spectra is only programmed via the rear DB15F, although some of the older Spectra remote mount cables have a DB15F "pigtail" which I believe can also be used for programming.