The actual Motorola sheet is number 68P80360B79 for the RKN-4036B Cloning Cable take a look at a so-so copy here.

Pinout is:

RIB                          RADIO
Pin 8  (Black wire)  goes to Pin 8  (Ground) 
Pin 9  (Yellow wire) goes to Pin 9  (LH Busy/KID/Data In)
Pin 13 (White wire)  goes to Pin 13 (LH Data/(Key/Fail))

For pin assignments on the radio, look here at the accessory connector pinout.

For the circuit board inside the housing, there is a completed part for that which costs less than the individual parts. That is Motorola p/n 01-80359B36. It includes the latch pin, latch spring, latch, connector housing, and the circuit board.


1. General Information

Cloning duplicates the contents of radio 1 (source radio) into radio 2 (target radio). Tuning and alignment information is not affected by cloning.

Radios to be cloned must have the identical model number and be equipped with the same software options. Radio functionality inherent in one radio cannot be cloned to another radio that does not contain the same functionality.

Note: Only HT1000 and MT2000 model radios support radio-to-radio cloning.

An attempt to clone radios that are not of the same model number or software options will result in an unsuccessful error message, but will not damage the radio.

MDC and Star IDs (Identification Numbers) are duplicated in the cloning process. Unique IDs may be assigned with the radio service software.

11. Procedure

A. Begin with both radios off.

B. Connect the cloning cable (RKN4036A) to the side connector of both radios.

C. Turn on radio 2 (target radio).

D. Simultaneously depress the PTT and monitor button (side button nearest the PTT) on radio 1 (source radio) an turn it on.

E. The green LED on both radios will light, and display equipped radios will display "CLONING". At this point, release the PTT and monitor buttons.

F. The cloning process is complete when the green LEDs turn off. The radios will reset and return to normal operation.

Note: Cloning will take approximately one to three minutes.

G. Disconnect the cloning cable, and the radios are ready for operation.

111. Error Conditions

On display radios, an unsuccessful cloning attempt may result in one of the following display messages:

A. "ERR RESP" is displayed on radio 1 (source radio), if communication cannot be established between the radios. If this occurs, the cloning cable should be checked to verify that it is properly connected to both radios, as well as checkig the cable's integrity. Radio 2 (target radio) should also be checked to verify that it is turned on. Return to step 1 and repeat the procedure.

B. "ERR MOD" is displayed on radio 1 if the model numbers or the software options are not the same. Cloning cannot be performed in this case.

C. "ERR ABRT" is displayed on radio 1 if communication between the two radios is disrupted during the cloning process. If this occurs, check the cloning cable and all connections. Return to step 1 and repeat the procedure.