General Information

On the Iden radios, * # puts the radio into programming mode. If the software features are turned on, then you can program (set up radio) from here.

You can also look for Iden info at:

Iden development info can be found at the Iden Developer's Site.

i280,i370,i470,i390,i600,r300,r370,r470,FMr470,i1000,i1000+, i500+,L3000,L3000E radios all use RSS part number RVN4122. For models m100,m370,m470,LM100,LM2000,c370,c470 you need RVN4122.

The IMEI NUMBER is the radios personal ID, # 44 change service key (in programming mode *#) is like a Securenet key. WARNING: If you have one in service, be careful if you change the key, the system no longer knows the key, so your radio will not work.

The cable below is for the IDEN Mobile Radios. You must have the IDEN RSS software to use the cable. The cable described below is from RIB to RADIO. You will need to either modify the DB-25 Connector on the Radio end or use a Motorola Connector as there is no room in the connector "pocket" for the ears of a regular DB-25. If the radio you are programming has no attached control head, then plug in the radio end and then the power, wait about 10 or 15 seconds and then attach the cable to the RIB and READ the radio. There is a jumper on the radio end (pins 10 & 13) that will cause the unit to power up, the wait is to allow for the Self-test. Both connectors are DB-25 FEMALE.

DB-25 F                 DB-25F
RIB END               RADIO END

1  ---------------------- 4

6  ---------------------- 5

11 ---------------------- 18

12 ---------------------- 14

15 ---------------------- 6

                    ----- 10
                    ----- 13

Jumper 10 and 13 together on the radio end of the cable

If you are looking for the cables for the portable units, you are better off purchasing the "organizer cables" off of Ebay. They work for the RSS software also, and don't require a RIB.

Iden 370

This should get you into programming mode on the i370:

If you did it fast enough, you will see "sqe/carrier.........exit and trace". SQE stands for "Signal Quality Estimate" and gives a relative value of network signal strength measured as C/I+N (calculated from the RSSI).

Use the left and right arrows to scroll through other menus. You have only 1.5 seconds to get into the program will have to PRACTICE to get fast enough.

Iden 1000/1000+

To enter Debug Mode (no more than 1 sec. between key press) #, *, Menu, right Scroll key. You are in Debug Mode.

You can go into Trace Mode & back to Debug Mode with the option key under Trace.

Factory Test Mode: Volume Down, Menu 3x, left Scroll, Menu 2x, left Scroll, you should be there.

Quick signal test on any Model - Phone Mode,1, 2, 3, Send and you will hear music (usually a local radio station) or "You are not authorized to use this feature, call this number bla bla bla".

On an I1000, I1000+ and any other Iden phone, sans new Java enabled models, if you press the *,0,and # key's at the same time as powering up the phone, it will put you in the LCD test. It allows you to test all buttons of the phone and have it display on the LCD. It will also allow you to test the audio and Mic. Once all buttons, except the power button, is pushed, close the flip on the I1000's and it will say "Test Complete". Be careful not to press the three buttons simultaneously when in the audio portion of the test. This will put your phone in a factory test mode called ALT Chamber Mode. Found this one out by accident and it took Motorola 2 days to help fix it. No idea what it's use is. If you put it in that mode, just go back into the "3 finger test" and hit the three again in the audio test and it says Alt off.

Nextel Phones

To Add New Member ID's to Nextel i370, i390 & i600

To Edit Member ID's on the i370, i390, or i600

To Erase Member ID's on the Nextel i370, i390, & i600

Cellular Phone Numbers

To ADD, EDIT, OR ERASE Phone numbers on the i370, i390, or i600, use * # 20, and follow the same steps mentioned above.

Adding Phone #'s & Member ID's to the Nextel i1000

To Edit or Erase Member ID's on the i1000

Follow the same directions for editing and erasing Member ID's for the Nextel i370, i390 & i600.

To Edit or Erase Phone #'s on the i1000

Follow the same directions for editing and erasing Phone #'s for the Nextel i370, i390, & i600.

Headset Interfaces

For the I280, I370XL, I390, I470, I600, I1000, I50SX, I55SR, I500PLUS, I550PLUS, I700PLUS, I80S, I85S, I90C, I1000PLUS, I2000, I2000PLUS, and R370XL R470, you need a 2.5mm TRS plug (the original Motorola is a 90 degree verison):

Connection Description

For the i280, i370XL, i390, i470, i600, r300, r370XL, and r470, you require the NTN8369 audio adapter.

For the i500plus, i550plus, i700plus, i1000, i1000plus, i2000, and i2000plus, you require the NTN8654 audio adapter.

The i85s does not require the use of an audio adapter.