General Information

Motorola made a radio called the HTX III that should compete with Ericsson's radio for the ambulance service in Norway.

Some people in Sweden who were working for Motorola designed a special software (RSS) for this purpose.

It has a Norwegian name, that is the same as the name of the ambulance communication system.

There is also a program (RSS) called NURSE that may be able to be used, but we do not have any further information on this.

You use the same cable as for the HT800 to read it but to program it you also need a 12v on one of the pins (maybe pin 3 on the radio?).

If you use the original cable, and connect the test box (RTX4005B), and connect it to 12v DC, it is supposed to work.

The people at Motorola says that this radio can be difficult to program and that you don t have go give up at once.