GR400/GR500 X-Pand Repeaters

General Information

The GR400 and GR500 X-Pand Repeater Stations provide low cost communications solutions. In both X-Pand repeaters, all of the necessary components are built into one cabinet. The repeater housing allows space for the R1225 transceiver module and the retrofit control panel, two optional repeater controllers, the power supply, a duplexer, and a preselector.

The part number for the service manual for the GR400/GR500 X-Pand Repeaters is 6880905Z54.

The GR400 is rack or cabinet mounter, the GR500 is wall mounted. Both have space for two repeater interface options or the optional SmartTrunk II controller.

When you are programming the R1225 and in the mode screen of the RSS, highlight RX frequency field then hit shift-F3 to change bandpass filters for receive. Same applies to TX. Highlight TX frequency and hit shift-F2. This will allow you to select offset frequency.

To see which pin functions the accessory connector of the R1225 should be programmed for, for all the available controllers, click here.

Repeater Controllers

Basic repeater interfacing circuitry and control are features of the R1225 transceiver. For advanced features, external controllers may be added inside the repeater housing.

The optional repeater controllers available are as follows:

The repeater functions for the respective controllers are as follows:

Component Repeater Function
ZR310 Community Repeater (for up to 70 groups)
ZR320 Full-Featured Telephone Interconnect
ZR340 Advanced Interconnect
i750R Full-Featured Telephone Interconnect
i20R Multiple-Tone Panel (up to 10 groups)
TRA100R Tone Remote Adapter
ST-835M Digital Trunking with Interconnect
(SmartTrunk II)

Each repeater interface component has its own associated manuals, they are:

Component Service Manual Software Manual
ZR310 6880904Z64  
i750R 6880904Z39 6880904Z45
i20R 6880904Z40 6880904Z55
ZR340 6880905Z02  
ZR320 6880903Z42 6880903Z43
TRA100R 6880903Z42 6880903Z43
ST-835M 6880905Z59  

ZR320 Notes

As originally designed, the ZR320 will produce 50% transmitter peak system deviation for a receiver input signal with 60% peak system deviation. A normal repeater audio, 60% out for 60% in, can be obtained by bridging a 10kohm 5%-1W resistor across R9 (2.2kohm) on the ZR320 Controller Board. This can be important in systems using the X-Pand feature.

ZR340 Notes

Jumper configuration:

Jumper Setting
JP7 B (16)
JP8 B (16)
JP9 A or B

i20R Notes

Jumper configuration:

Jumper Setting
JU20 Out

TRA100R Notes

If channel steering is required, program pins 6, 9, and 12 as shown in the following table. NOTE: "Debounce" must be selected as "ON&wuot; for the channel steering pins. An extra wire must be added to the cable to connect pin 9 of the R1225 connector to pin 9 of the "TX" connector for the TRA100R.

Pin # Function Debounce Active
6 Channel Steering 0 On Low
9 Channel Steering 1 On Low
12 Channel Steering 2 On Low

i750R Notes

To put the unit into Test/Diagnostic mode, simultaneously press the UP and DOWN buttons. The i750R will be in Test #1.

P>The programming cable is the same as the Maxtrac/Radius.

It is a single tone, telephone interconnect repeater controller. It has its own RSS software, RVN4140A, and can also be connected to a 1225 repeater or a GR300.

It was manufactured for Motorola by Control Signal/Gaitronics (Now owned by Hubbell).