HKN9755A GP300/P110 Cloner

The HKN9755A is the stand-alone cloning adapter that is used to clone GP300's and P110's without using RSS and a computer.

This device is microprocessor based and will be very difficult to duplicate.

You can see the schematic here.


The Cloner Adapter model HKN9755A provides a convenient method of cloning the personality of one radio to another.

The personality of a radio consists of programed frequencies, squelch code pairs, scan lists and other operating characteristics stored on the radio codeplug. Unit I.D. codes, model and tuning information can not be changed and will be left undisturbed.

The models and vintage of the radios to be cloned must be the same. The cloner only allows exact copies of like radios to be made.

This adapter can be used with the Radio Service Software as a standard programming cable, but it also has the ability of being used as a cloner. Radio Service Software has the capability of cloning radios, but the cloning adapter gives you the added advantage of portability and speed.


To install the cloner, first match together the radio and the cloner much like when installing a battery to a radio.

Then slide the two side latches to secure the fit. At this point a battery can be attached to the back of the cloner or the power cable of the cloner can be connected to an external power supply set to 7.5VDC. If a battery is used, then the battery safety latch on the bottom of the cloner should be pulled and turned into place.

NOTE: The cloner has a protective circuit built in, which will cause the fuse to blow when the supply voltage exceeds 10VDC or is incorrectly polarized.


The cloner has three different user controls, a Read/Program rocker switch, Start button, and the LED's.

When the Read/Program switch is pressed into the Read position, the cloner reads the information of the codeplug from the source radio. With the switch pressed into the Program position the stored data from the cloner is loaded into the target radio.

The Start button is used to begin a Read or Program process.

The LED's are used to indicate the status of the operation, see the table below for a description.

A help label on the side of the cloner can also be used as a reference for operation and LED status.


First, connect the source or (master) radio to the cloner and turn radio on.

Toggle the Read/Program switch to Read, then press the Start button and wait for the Busy indicator to stop. The cloner now has stored the codeplug information from the source radio.

Remove the source radio from cloner and connect a target radio to cloner.

Turn radio on, then toggle the Read/Program switch to the Program position and press the Start button. After the cloner has loaded the information into the target radio it may be removed and the next target radio can be connected.

The cloner will store current information as long as a new master radio is not read, even when power is removed from the cloner.

NOTE: Do not operate the cloner if there is a Low battery alert on the radio.


If the cloner is not to be used as a RSS programming adapter, the cloner can be made, into a completely portable cloning unit.

This is done by removing the programming cable. To remove the cable the cloner must be opened and the cable unscrewed from the cloner.

First, the four housing screws of the cloner need to be removed. The cloner will now open to reveal the cable connections.

Unscrew the connections and remove the cables.

NOTE: For complete removal, one red wire of the programming cable needs to be cut.

CAUTION:To avoid damage to cloner circuits observe the standard servicing precautions used when working with static charge sensitive devices. Wearing a conductive wrist strap (Motorola No. RSX-4015A) will minimize static build-up during servicing.

LED Status Indicators

Position LED Description
Power Solid Green Radio on and Cloner Ready
Ready Solid Green Valid Master Radio Information Stored on Cloner
Solid Red Cloner Failure, unit needs repair
Fault Flashing Red Compatibility problem between radios; to clear toggle read/program switch
Busy Flashing Red Operation in progress

HKN9755A Parts List

REF                MOTOROLA
SYMBOL             PART NUMBER              DESCRIPTION

Capacitors, chip, 5%,50V unless otherwise indicated

Cl                 23-11049J25              Tantalum l0uf, 10%, 16V
C2                 21-13740A40              30 pf'
C3                 21-13740A40              30 pf
C4 - C8            21-60521G37              .1 uf, +80/-20 %
C9                 23-11049J25              Tantalum l0uf, 10%, 16V
C10                21-13740A79              1000pf
C11                23-11049J40              Tantalum 33uF, 16V
C12                23-11049J25              Tantalum l0uF, 10%, 16V
C13 - C14          21-60521G37              .1uf, +80/-20%
C15 - C21          21-13740A79              1000pf


CR1                48-05729G24              Dual Color LED
CR2                48-05729G24              Dual Color LED
CR3                49-84336R03              Dual Silicon
CR4                48-84336R03              Dual Silicon
CR5                48-80236E07              MR2535L

Resistors, chip, 5%, unless otherwise specified
R1                 06-60076A73              l0k 
R2                 06-60076A45              680 
R3                 06-60076A33              220 
R4                 06-60076A33              220
R5                 06-60076A49              1k 
R6                 06-60076A49              1k
R7                 06-60076A33              220 
R8                 06-60076A33              220
R9                 06-60076A49              1k 
R10                06-60076A49              1k
R11 - R17          06-60076A89              47k
RI8                06-60076A27              120
R19 - R21          06-60076A49              1k 
R22 - R29          06-60076A89              47k
R30                06-60076H31              1.8M

Integrated Circuits

Ul                 48-80442B01              MC6811C81lE2 52pin
U2                 51-83810P60              74HC00, Quad Nand, 14 pin
U3                 51-05133M47              74HC374, Octal Latch, 20 pin
U4                 51-99003AO1              27C256 32k Byte EPROM, 28 pin
U5                 51-08001A06              MC33064, Low Voltage Detect, 8pin
U6                 51-05469E65              LP2951 C, 5V Regulator, 8 pin


Ql - Q4            48-05128M19              NPN Darlington, MMBTA1 3
Q5                 48-02642H08              SCR 2N6395

Voltage regulator

VR1                48-80140L15              ZENER, 10V, 5%, SOT23


Y1                 48-80113R01              7.9488 MHz

NOTE: For optimum performance, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits
must be ordered by Motorola part numbers.