General Information

The Alpha series radios can be programmed from the front panel (selected models) or via Customer Programming Software (CPS). Commander models are pre- programmed at the factory and no field programming is required.

The pinout of the programming cable for use with the CPS is available here.

The part number for the CPS is PMVN4059/4061 for disks/CD respectively.


These radios support cloning parameters between a master and slave radio.

Cloning only transfers the user's settings from the master radio to the slave. Things like tuning values, serial number, etc. are not changed.

To clone a master radio to a slave (target), perform the following:

Error Codes

The following error codes may be displayed while cloning:

Error Message Description
TIME OUT Data communications time out. Please ensure that the slave radio
is switched on and the cloning cable is properly connected.
BCC ERR Data communications checksum error.
TYPE ERR Mismatch in model numbers. Please ensure that the master and slave
radios are of the same model number.
CMD ERR Data communications command error.

Front Panel Programming

To program the radio through the front panel, you must enter Programming Mode while in Dealer Configuration. This configuration/mode allows you to edit a number of features to enhance the use of this radio. Some Alpha Series radios cannot enable Dealer Configuration, you will have to use the CPS to program these radios.

The radio is shipped from the factory in User Configuration. In this mode, only a limited number of features can be accessed by the user. Channels and other radio settings can only be changed when the radio is in Dealer Configuration.

To switch from User Configuration to Dealer Configuration, do the following:

To switch from Dealer Configuration to User Configuration, do the following:

To enter Programming Mode, ensure the radio is turned off, then hold the MON button while turning the radio on. A ring tone should be heard as the radio powers on in Programming Mode.

To exit Programming Mode, turn the radio off.

All of the parameters that can be adjusted from the front panel while in Programming Mode can be found here.

A list of the PL and DPL tones/codes available is available here.

Some programming examples are also available here.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset will erase certain user programmable parameters in the radio and restore them to factory default. This will clear all memory channels, phone numbers, and restores the default settings of RW parameters.

To perform the reset, do the following:

When the factory reset is in progress, the LCD will display INIT for one second. When the reset is completed, the radio will turn itself off and back on again. The reset is now complete.