EPSON HX-20 Programmer

General Information

The Epson HX-20 is an old computer programmer for some early vintage Motorola radios.

There were specific cassette tapes which held the programming software for the type of radio you were programming. There were also adapters which had ROM in them that went into the cassette player for programming PROMS for some radios.

The part numbers for the different pieces we are aware of are detailed below. Note that finding one of these programmers and tapes is VERY rare and the information below is provided more for reference purposes. The parts are long since discontinued by Motorola.

Mostar Parts

Programming the Mostar requires an Epson HX-20 and a Motorola expansion unit.

The part numbers for the tapes are as follows:

There are two tapes available for programming the Mostar, one for radios without a display, and another for radios with a display.

The manuals for these options are:

Syntor X Parts

To program these radios, a Motorola ROM cartridge is installed in the tape location on the HX-20 and it contains an application to program EPROMS for the radio. The part number on the label on the ROM cartridge is YLN4288B.

Syntor X9000 Parts

The part numbers of the tapes and associated parts are:

The part numbers for the manuals covering the programming with the Epson are: