DTMF Microphones

This page is dedicated to gathering info on DTMF microphones that are used with Motorola's mobile radios. You will find that there are only a few designs that they use, and most of the microphones can be used on other radios, with the correct cable attached.

HMN1010, 1011, 1024, 1014 1022, 1032, 1018, 1019, 1020, 1033, 1034 1021, 1023, 1025, 1026 DTMF Microphones

The manual part number that covers all these microphones is 68P81114E07.

Jumper Settings

You will also find that the above information holds true for the MCX1000 DTMF microphone (VLN1017A) and for the Maxtrac Backlit DTMF Microphone (TDN8310A).

TDN8305A/B, TDN8306A/B, TDN8307A/BSP, TDN8309A/B and TDN8310A/B DTMF Microphones

The brand new Motorola service manual is part number 6880309C84. It covers 5 backlit DTMF microphones: TDN8305A/B, TDN8306A/B, TDN8307A/BSP, TDN8309A/B and TDN8310A/B. The TDN8310A/B cable and color code info is:
Connector type - 8 pin Telco RJ45
Cable Number - 3080152H09

P4 pin 1: Mic High - RED
P4 pin 2: Monitor - WHITE
P4 pin 3: Mic Lo - BLACK
P4 pin 4: PTT Lo - BLUE
P4 pin 5: PTT - GREEN
P4 pin 6: SW B+ - N/A (not used)

VLN1017A DTMF Microphone

If you have a VLN1017A DTMF microphone from a MCX1000 and are looking for a schematic for it... look no further. It is available in the service manual, or, you can look at Tone/Logic Board and the Microphone/Beeper Board schematics. This board layout will make locating the proper jumpers a bit easier. Note that if you have a Maxtrac TDN8310A DTMF microphone, it uses the same schematics, with slightly different part numbers.