CP10 Manual -- 6804370J12 -- VHF Version

AP10 Manual -- 6804370J05 -- VHF Version

The AP10 is just a ham version of the CP10. The CP10 will transmit over the entire bandsplit the radio was manufactured for. So, for VHF it should transmit and receive from 136-174 MHz, and for UHF it should transmit and receive from 430-470MHz after this mod is done.

In the AP10 there is a set of 0-ohm chip resistors that connect processor pins through R413, R414 and R415 to ground. R414 and R415 are missing in the CP10. Removal of those two chip jumpers should give full transmit capabilities to the AP10.

With the radio open and the board placed so the processor is at the lower right hand side of the board (near the pl board connector) look at the right hand side of the processor, refer to this schematic. You should see a SOT-23 surface mount diode. Directly above it is R413 (0 ohm). Above R413 and slightly to the left is R414 (0 ohm). Directly above R414 is R415 (0 ohm). Removal of R414 and R415 should do it.