Centracom Console

General Interfacing to Centracom Consoles

We'll assume you've got an older "Compact Classic Buttons and LED's" console (which looks like a mini version of the larger Centracom II consoles in dispatch centers). This console is not a self contained system, in so much as it can't communicate to the equipment (base stations) that you want to control.

For that you'll need a CEB (central electronics bank), which the Compact OP position you have is connected to with a 7 pair cable. The CEB will contain a series of expensive circuit cards that interface the OP position to the associated BIM's (base interface modules).

The BIM's are what are actually connected to the base stations. The Compact OP position itself will have an associated OMI (operator interface multiplex interface) card associated with it in the CEB card cage.

Now bear in mind, you will need to have the OMI cards programmed to reflect the layout of the Compact OP panel (the individual CCM's - control channel modules, or DCCM's, digital control channel modules - which have 8 character led matrix type displays) that are actually in the Compact OP position.

You will need special software to program this console (Centracom Field Prom Programmer). In addition, you will also need, depending on the vintage of the OMI, an EPROM burner to reflect the programming changes you've made to the chip to accomodate your actual Compact OP panel layout.

If it's a newer TOMI, with version 13 (I forget the exact version), it will support EEPROM's for personality uploads via an RS-232 card (BLN-6755) (yes you will need that card if you plan to do any EEPROM programming, or regular OMI programming for that matter).

Now, if you have a cheap ass "Comtegra", or "Command Plus".....good luck ! (sarcastically), those consoles were self contained pieces of crap which were NOT directly manufactured by Motorola. However, they did not require the CEB and were truly self contained in that you can tie the base stations directly to the console. However, they did NOT support the enchanced high end functionality (nor the reliability) of the true Centracom II series.

Currently the only shipping product is Centracom Gold, and Centracom Elite (LAN based consoles). Classic Buttons and LED's is being (sadly!) discontinued....truly a sad day for us CC-II afficiandos, the Centracom Classic was one hell of a reliable product.

Now, if you have a Centracom Compact console... you WILL need the CEB! Otherwise even the pretty little clock on the front panel will not work (you will get a "LD..." display on it, meaning "link down", the radio control board in the unit is not seeing it's associated OMI card in the CEB). Also this is assuming, the external switching brick power supply is also there. This console does not have an internal power supply.

This console is NOT a simple case of plug and play.....you've been warned!

The pinout of the BKN6181A or 3084173T02 programming cable for the Centracom Gold Elite can be found here.